The NuHemp Group has grouped a team of individuals heavily involved in the day to day operations of hemp planting, cultivation, manufacturing and product development. Some of our team have over 15 years of hemp experience! Our  team of experts will advise you from hemp cultivation to harvest and processing up to distribution. Thanks to our longstanding experience we are able to offer valuable support.

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  • Legal, tax and investment projects for the hemp industry

  • Advice on drawing up projects, technical dossiers and operational plans

  • Advice and analysis for obtaining permits and licenses

  • Advice and management for enabling crops, industrial plants, warehouses, processing plants

  • Consulting and management for import and export

  • Product registration medical, veterinary, agricultural and food before competent authorities

  • Technological surveillance, protection of plant varieties

  • Analysis of operating freedom, products and key competitors

  • General agricultural requirements (cultivation engineering, soil cultivation, fieldwork)

  • Advice on climate conditions and timing

  • Harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying) and warehousing/storing

  • Sowing seeds (varieties)

  • Organic certification process and regulations (EU organic certification)

  • Organic agriculture (general conditions, qualifications, requirements)

  • Advice and analysis for obtaining agricultural permits and licenses

  • Selection of suitable certified industrial hemp varieties for specific utilization

  • Advice on harvest of CBD rich industrial hemp and timing of harvest

  • Advice on drying CBD rich hemp and further processing

  • Advice on CO2 extraction (parameters: temperature, pressure, volume)

  • Advice on obtaining permits for handling narcotic drug

  • Contact to Chinese / European Producers

  • Advice for processing/production